Bio: Cory Wilson

Cory Wilson

Talk Title: “The Best of Us Will Rebel”

Cory WilsonCory Wilson grew up in one of the poorest areas of West Texas, a desert-like place seemingly more accommodating to rattlesnakes and scorpions than to humans.

Wilson began working in the oil field for his father when he was only 13. To enter oil field facilities requiring a minimum working age he would hide in toolboxes to sneak past guards. His older crewmates would jokingly wipe their dirty work gloves on his face to make it look as though he had facial hair and was older than he was. Since then he has worked in refineries across the United States, on pipelines, on drilling rigs as a roughneck and later began a career as a signalman for the nation’s largest railroad.

Now a Creighton law student, Wilson says that “despite a humble and culturally homogeneous beginning, I’m fervent about creating a culture of tolerance for diverse ideas, synergy and reason.” He sees today’s cultural landscape “polarized to the point of nullity,” but he remains optimistic for the future. “I believe that our youngest generations have an incredible opportunity to leave a legacy of unison; they only need someone to tell them that is OK.”